Human Powered System
The aim of this project is to salvage that energetic potential and retrieve it for human use. We intend to do that by replacing all the strain regulators (either mechanic or electric), in each gym equipment, by individual power generators. These will be connected in an integrated system that will also be comprised by power converters and batteries packs. This will allow a constant power supply for the gym energetic demands. An overview of this system shows us that there are several equipments and uses for this type of system approach, namely in all fitness and gym equipments, in the steps and floor of the classrooms, in the pool and also in all heavy duty door hinges.
This sustainable concept should also be integrated in the buildings architecture, through passive and active systems, namely photovoltaic and thermal solar panels that would support and reinforce the entire system.
Finalist project of the CIFIAL Internation Design Competition "Feel the planet Earth"
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