Modular Electric Bus Concept for European Cities
Bus concept for small villages and big cities: easy assemblyof two different width bodies in same chassis.
RE-THINK uses 2000 mm for (A)and 2500 mm for (B) on  same chassis.
Buses have entrances and exits: wide, clear of obstacles and distantfrom each other - advantage of the time passenger takes to go from one side toother to optimise inside flow.
Balance between reduction of turning angle, ramp angles and maximumdistance between entrance and exit, require entrance and exit on the exteriorpart of the wheels.
Electrical Power and Fuel Cell is the power supply of our days:affordable, clean, low noise, and less room for engine.
Technical components over wheels for max. passenger area and 100%low floor: Fuel cell engines and transmission placed over rear wheels. Baterypacks, electronics, steering and body systems over front wheels.
Road legislation, interior space optimization, length limit andpassenger entrance control require driver on one side of the entrance. Steeringwheel should be next to front wheels.
Large volumes - bikes, surfboards and wheelchairs - cannot crosscrowded buses. As a “not often” situation, they should enter and stay next towhere they will go out: The exit door.
RE-THINK uses Modular Cabin Units that can be assembled at operatorfacilities, changing number of seats, folding existing seats or ordering othercabins and configurations from bus builder.
Changes in bus lines overcomed by different lengths, adding ofother units, different specification and no comfort reduction. Remaining bus isthe same. Assembilng is easy, at operator facilities - telescopic chassis.

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